Do you know actual librarians day?

Dear All,

Sometimes it is very irritating/confusing situation when we do not know the exact date of birth of any great person. We librarians used to celebrate Librarians day on 9th or 12th of August each year in honor of Dr. Ranganathan birth date but it is a very embarrassing situation in my view. We library professional must decide together one particular day for librarians day celebration because it divides library professionals into two groups in one of the most important days for the library profession. Some say’s Ranganathan official DOB is 9th and some say on 12th August and vice versa.

Imagine a situation if top leaders/intellectuals from another domain of knowledge ask this question to some top library professionals in a meeting  conducted to upgrade the librarian states or to give huge funds to celebrate librarians day and if two dates will be disclosed by LIS professionals then it will be really a situation when people sitting in the meeting have to say all Librarians to first decide a particular day for your librarian day then come to upgrade your status etc?

Dear friends these are the small things which can be easily improved and bring library professionals on one single platform but ignorance of such small but most important thing is the major cause of declining library profession and professionals status in my view. Therefore i appeal all the professionals to come together and decide when is your actual librarians day (9th or 12th August) and celebrate it together in mass.

Thanking You.



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